Experience 10 Days' Slim Tea

What is 10 Days Slim Tea

This is one of the most essential tea you need in your daily life. This deep cleansing detox tea has all the ingredients that will eliminate your waste fat and give a perfect slim look. Comes with three flavour Lemon, Ginger Lime & Masala with high quality standards.

Slim look uplifts your confidence!

Looking sexy is what each girl desire for ! 10 Days Slim Tea will ensure the expectation gets satisfied. Enjoy your favorite dresses with a perfect body structure.

Our level of quality

Completely green ! We always focus on the kind of quality we deliver to our customers. Being in tea industry for more than 50 years, we have packed the most high standard quality of tea. This 10 Days Slim Tea is not compromised for any kind of its essence. Directly from manufacturer to quality check and packing section, each and every package is completely evaluated by ISO & GMP certified standards. We wish to be remembered on each cup of tea.

Our 10 Days Slim Tea has given a huge positive response among the customers. Regular consumption has shown a very good result on customers look. Found to be 99.99% effective for both men & women.

Choose your favourite

Comes in three exciting flavours. Ginger lime, lemon and Masala flavour. Choose your favourite and enjoy.